List of the archeological sites in Pietrapaola’s area

Italian version
Here is a short revue of the archeological sites in the area of Pietrapaola. If you are interested in more, check the other sections of the site

CeraselloIndigenous settlement (9th-7th century B.C.); Brettian rampart (4th-3rd century B.C.)
Colombara (Palombara)Traces of a Greek necropolis (4th-3rd century B.C.)
Le RestreRemains of pottery from the Brettian period (4th-3rd century B.C.)
MuraglieBrettian rampart with square blocks; ceramic tiles; acropolis protected by another ring wall (4th and mainly 3rd century B.C.)
MiglianòRemains of a necropolis; a grave has been found in the 80s (dates are not published yet)
OrgiaFinds in precious material, iron and bronze dated between 1st century B.C. and 1st century AD
SpinaroRock graves (12th-9th century B.C.)
SpinettaUnderground burial chamber with a rectangular floor plan (4th-3rd century B.C.)