How to go from Germany to Pietrapaola

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If you want to go to Pietrapaola quickly and cheaply, you first have to reach Italy by plane and than to continue the journey travelling on the road.
In our region travel on the road is actually the fastest way to move, and all kinds of public transport are generally cheap. If you want to save time, just rent a car at the airport. If you want to save money by using public transport, you will preferably continue your journey by bus.
Please notice that some buses don’t stop in Pietrapaola, but in Cariati, Rossano, or in one of the neighbouring villages. From there you can get to Pietrapaola with a local route bus (service is provided by the  Ias Scura and Romano bus lines). Here are some suggestions for organizing your trip:

Germany – Bari
Bari Pietrapaola

To get to Bari consult the internet pages of Tuifly and Ryanair

There is a bus service from Bari airport to Bari central station (information on the internet pages of Bari airport). A Ias Scura bus operate two times a day from Bari central station to Pietrapaola, with a stop at Pietrapaola mare. Travel duration for this bus is about 4 hours.

Germany – Naples
Pietrapaola (Cariati or Rossano)

To get to Naples To consult the internet pages of Germanwings, Easyjet and Airberlin

There is a bus service from Naples airport to Naples central station (information on the internet pages of the Naples airport). At the central station look for the Simet bus stop and take the Simet bus to Cariati (better) or to Rossano, both scheduled at 15:00 p.m (travel duration: about 5 hours). Note that the Simet buses don’t stop in Pietrapaola.
If you can’t manage to take the bus, there is one
intercity train from Naples to Cariati in the afternoon (travel duration: about 6 hours)

GermanyLamezia Terme
Lamezia Terme
Pietrapaola (Cariati)

To get to Lamezia Terme consult the internet pages of Germanwings and Ryanair

A bus operates from Lamezia Terme airport to Lamezia Terme central station only every 2-3 hours.  The distance between airport and central station is only 2 km, so you might prefer to take a taxi if you have to travel fast (information on the internet pages of Lamezia Terme airport). Lamezia Terme is connected to Cariati by train (with change in Crotone).
You can also take a bus from Lamezia Terme airport to Crotone and there a train to Cariati. The bus service is provided by Romano.

Germany – Roma Fiumicino
Roma Fiumicino Crotone
Pietrapaola (Cariati)

To go to Rome, consult the internet pages of Germanwings, Lufthansa , Ryanair and Air Berlin

From Crotone airport to Crotone city you probably have to take a taxi. From there to Cariati you have the choice between a train or a bus. The bus connection is operated by Romano (travel duration:1 hours, two buses a day)

For those who don’t want to fly, there is no other choice but traditional means of transport such as train or bus (service provided by Simet). However the traveller will have to reckon with a long route and plenty of patience.